Why You Need MLM Leads For Your Send Out Cards Business

If you have been in network marketing for any amount of time, you know first hand that leads is the name of the game.  Leads is the life blood of your business – more leads turns into more sign ups which turns into more money.

Translation – leads =money

Building Your Send Out Cards Business


So basically, to be successful and make money with your Send Out Cards business, you need to be able to generate leads on a consistent basis.  However, the ironic thing here is that generating leads is the #1 thing people in the MLM / network marketing business struggle with.

I can tell you that it’s not your fault, it’s the industry as a whole who gets this wrong.  You see, back when network marketing first started, the old school way to build a business was word of mouth.  Invite people to meetings or to jump on 3 ways calls with your sponsor.

Now, word of mouth is still a great way to generate leads for your business, but how you get the word out is different.  Instead of going around town trying to talk to people or make a list of your friends and family, you can now go on the Internet and connect with thousands of people 10x faster than you could do offline.

Think about it… It would take you a long time, maybe months to talk to 100 people in person about your business opportunity.  Online, you could talk to a 100 people about your Send Out Cards business in a matter of an hour.  See the difference?

The problem is that MLM companies still teach new distributors the old school methods of contacting your friends and family and inviting them to meetings.  Now don’t get me wrong, you should still do that, but your business needs new, fresh leads on a daily basis.  So while that’s a great start, learning the invaluable skill of Internet marketing to build your business online is a must.

Like I said at the beginning of this article, more leads = more sales = more money.  So if you aren’t promoting your business online, you are going to struggle to get more leads in your business, therefore your business will struggle (along with your income).

So can you be successful with your Send Out Cards business?  Absolutely.  But only if you focus on the most important part, generating leads.  No one talks about it, yet it’s the biggest problem people have in this industry and the number 1 reason people fail in network marketing.

Hopefully I’ve been able to illustrate to you the importance of generating leads for your business